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My wife Kris had a difficult time seeing at night because her lights were so bad. I wanted to surprise her while she was out of town, so I called Mark and had him come over while she was away to restore her headlights. After he was done I was impressed with the results. I thought I was going have to replace those lights they were so bad. Kris was very happy it was a lot brighter and she could see further. This made her more comfortable having to drive at night.

Ron Harden Rocklin, Ca.  Heritage Oak's Memorial Chapel
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 I have a 2002 BMW and got this car really cheap. I found a card on my windshield the other day and called AA Mobile to see what they could do they were so bad I thought I would have to by new headlights. I did some research and found that my lights on my car are 900 dollars each and 400 dollars to put them in that's a bunch of money. Did not have anything to loose so I call Mark and he came over and did my headlights. I was very happy they were very clear like new and saved me a lot of money. Thank you so much.

We have just touched upon a fraction of the millions of infected headlights on the road today bringing their lenses to like new condition. Let us bring your cars lighting back to its original lighting helping to make you and others night time driving be a safer place. Please take that safety check today you may be really surprised? Blessings to you and your family
Here are a few reviews, if you need we can give you references but the thing is Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

We now service Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Rocklin, West Sacramento, Natomas, Del Paso Heights, Orangevale, and North Highlands, Truckee and more 50 mile radius.
 I could barely see driving at night in my 2002 Ford Focus due to the fact of the suns UV rays destroying the lenses. This company removed the murky and yellowish film for a fraction of the price of purchasing new lenses, and I now have roughly doubled my lighting distance! The work done is absolutely fantastic and the prices are very affordable!! AA Mobile Headlight Restoration has great services, they are very friendly, they take great pride in their work which is hard to find. I am happy with the customer relations, prices, as well as the work that was done to my vehicle! I would recommend them to anyone! Five stars and 100% all the way!!

Bryan- Sacramento

  I recently acquired a 2005 PT Cruiser GT a turbo-high-output model with low mileage an increasingly rare find these days. It was in great condition, except for the headlights. The lenses had clouded over and become scratched, marring the appearance of an otherwise gorgeous car. Headlight replacement on a PT Cruiser means removing the front tires, grill, and bumper - all this just to get at the headlight assembly. So, I began looking into headlight restoration. I looked at kits and do-it-yourself? videos, but decided I didn't want to risk further damage to the lenses, or the results being impermanent. In my search, I found Marks website and decided to give him a chance. Mark came over and did an outstanding job of headlight restoration. This is as close as you can get to new headlights without the expense and trouble of actual headlight replacement.I

Mark also restored the headlights on my fathers 97 Ford Taurus and these look a hundred times better than before. Night time driving is a noticeably different experience now (hey, we can actually see the road up ahead). I am happy to give Mark my highest recommendation. 

Thomas C. Starnes, Jr.

Subject: Testimonial

Message: I am a Class A truck driver and spend up to 14 hrs a day behind the wheel. Having proper working lights is not only critical, but also a violation if they are not. Having fogged, scratched, and hazed lens falls into that category. AA Mobile came out to our work sight and restored our truck lens to a bright, crisp, flawless clear lens. Believe me, the lens on my truck were bad. So bad that even with the high beams on I could only see approx 75-90 ft !!! Now I can see several hundred feet with the low beams. This will not only make my job easier, but protect others due to the previously poor light quality. Thank you AA Mobile for a fantastic job and fast service... Andy Palmer