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 Approximately 35% of accidents at night are caused by improper lighting. This was like my car I could only see about fifty feet with my brights on THAT WAS SCARY!!!  Cant see at night got hazy and foggy lenses I can fix that..
   AFTER RESTORATION regaining your original lighting. Is it worth a few dollars well that’s up to you? Can you put a PRICE ON SAFETY How about someone crossing the road, an animal, in a storm didn’t see the debris in the road or just can’t see the road because it’s too DARK
         Increase Night Visabilty 
            By As Much As 100% 
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  A few years ago, vehicle manufacturers began switching over from glass headlights to an easily moldable, high – impact plastic called polycarbonate. This allowed for more creative front end designs. The polycarbonate lens is protected with a coating at the factory which by federal law only has to last 2to3 years. This means they will have your lenses in stock to sell you for hundreds of dollars and don't forget the installation. After several years the factory coating will were off due to exposure from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and other harsh contaminates such as acid rain, smog, desert like environments, and road debris. This exposure will then cause the factory lens coating to break down and become cloudy and faded, or in some cases it will start peeling off from the top of the lens down which greatly reduces the optical illumination necessary to see safely at night as well as having a negative impact on the vehicles appearance. STOP don't replace them Restore Them !!! Why because we can restore your lenses for a fraction of the cost of new headlights which can save you hundreds to thousands of  Dollars. Yes the newer lights today can run up to 5000.00 for each headlight. Also ask our competitors about there Guarantee 6 months 2 years the question is how long are you going to keep you vehicle how many times  do want to put out money to restore your lenses.   Do it once with us!!
Looking for information on why your 
headlight lenses are peeling, getting foggy and hazy? 
Want the best solution on how to regain your 
night time visibility back to its original illumination? 
Need to get back that crystal clear luster to your headlight lenses because it really affects the appearance of your vehicle?
I will answer all your questions and more and thank you for choosing the best in restoration!!!
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Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle and also Satisfaction Guarantee!!

The team that developed L/R has been active in developing coating solutions for the automotive industry for over fifteen years prior to turning their attention to this issue. Most all of the headlight repair kits on the market today are short term solutions and some require repeated maintenance as much as weekly. This includes the buffing and polishing methods as well as the wipe on and brush on applications. L/R’s team continually observed the same patterns over and over again; the products all had low or non-existent UV protection and extremely soft unlinked polymers. This means your headlight lenses will get foggy and hazy in a short time because they were not sealed or sealed with an inferior product meaning Yes A Short Term Fix. Most of these applications somewhat improve the appearance of the lenses immediately after the application but then become faded again in a very short period of time. Some applications will scratch the lens with repeated tries damaging the lens permanently making the appearance worse off then when you started. WARNING  if you did buy or going to buy a miracle lens kit please do some research and check out the reviews, see what people are saying about the product. Second can you return the kit and will they pay for the damage to your lenses if there is any.

The Need For A Second Generation Headlamp Repair Technology
 Be Safe & Look Good !!!

 History and Causes
AA Mobile Headlight Restoration, takes care to provide our customers with the highest quality of personalized service and restoration. FAQ'S tab can answer most of your question if not click the contact button and send us a e-mail. If you need a question answered immediately or to book an appointment you can call us direct at (916) 790-4711.

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 The L/R  technology certainly cannot be placed in the same category with the other products that purport to offer solutions to headlight degradation. These other products were not designed to offer long term solutions. The world’s largest commercial fleets have chosen to use L /R exclusively. The other products do not test at major labs because there is no reason to, given the assumed outcome. L/R  has been tested at several of the world’s most prestigious laboratories, including Q-Lab, one of the most advanced weathering facilities in the world. This is why we offer a Written Lifetime Warranty.  AA Mobile offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  
​Why L/R And AA Mobile Is The Best
By contrast, L/R is a very unique compound that was created to finally offer a Lifetime Solution  to headlight restoration as well as addressing the other issues involved. L/R was engineered with the most permanent UV-A absorbers available. No expense was spared in choosing the UVA / UVB package. The urethane acrylates used has the highest cross link density available.
L/R provides a chemical, water, heat, and abrasion resistance unlike any other product available on the market today, giving your lenses the clearest, hardest, and most durable lens coating available. This formula is over 65% solids, which forms a coating that is superior to the original factory coating lasting a Lifetime !!!
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